Thursday, March 1, 2012

Entry tak bertajuk

hehe..orang ada blog, mommy pon nak berblog...tapi hasilnya ntah ke mana..

okla, hari nih nak membebel pasal Eryna and Fatiha dah duduk nursery. it was kind of mengejut jugak sebab umi is having a problem with her daughter, so terpaksa budak berdua tuh ditukarkan ke kindy. kat Lipis nih tak banyak pon tadika tapi nasib baik ada jugak yang nak accept enrollment tengah-tengah tahun...hehehe...(eh, Mac kira awal tahun lagi ka??...nvm)

semalam dah siap-siap packing kan barang-barang semua...mommy yang excited, maklumla anak nak masuk hari nih bermula la episod baru Eryna and Fatiha. masa hantar pagi tadi Fatiha nangis jugak, Eryna tidoq lagi. hopefully they will adapt with the new environment....

ok, tu je short update hari nih...ntah bila lagi nak update...haha...ciao

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Semalam baru balik dari Cameron Highland...not a wise decision to go there on school holiday. Tapi disebabkan orang JB sudah turun ke sini, marilah kita menambahkan kepadatan manusia di CH...hehe

Will blog on soon with more piccas...

Thursday, October 20, 2011


When you need to talk to someone...but there is no one

When you have an emotional breakdown...but no shoulder to cry on

When nobody hears what's in your head....

*sedut nafas dalam-dalam, shed tears and move on....cause nobody cares

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home Loan Application

This year is the year where we were hunting for a property. Been visiting from one property to another in JB as we already agreed that someday we will settle-down here, insyaAllah. Hubby interested a place in one area, which is near the Nusajaya project, unfortunately the project was not launched yet then. Went to the other project nearby, but oh my....the price of the house is wayy too expensive and not worth the money (tak cukup bajet sebenarnya...hehe). But he being optimistic with the first project said never mind, we shall wait for the project to be launch..and Alhamdulillah...once its commenced its fit our budget and puas hati sangat with the design and location which we decided to purchase two houses instead of one...hehe..actually the other one is Nenek's. Then later comes the nightmare of any first home buyer....

Its the time to find the housing loan. Since we are working in Kuala Lipis, we thought it is easier for us to find a loan in the nearby bank. Furthermore there's a wife of our friend who is doing this loan thingy and decided that why not we asked for her help. Unfortunately, the loan application had been dragging up to almost three months and still we haven't heard any news. We've been arguing with officers about the late process because there is no explanation given to us whether the loan is being rejected or what. Every time we want to know about the status, we have to make the effort to call and follow-up with them. I am sooo disappointed with their service, hubby lagi la siap dah gaduh-gaduh dengan diorang.

Since the application is going nowhere, we tried to find a solution in JB. We went to C*MB and R*B bank to apply for the loan, and surprisingly they managed to approve the application within three days only. Do you hear me people, THREE DAYS instead of three MONTHS...haishhh....orang Pub*** bank memang susah ka nak approve?? Its their procedure or staff's attitude yang menyusahkan the application. By the time we know about our loan confirmation, barula we get the news that my loan application is rejected only hubby's yang berjaya. Hmm...takpala...we decided to take the offer from R*B bank...officer pon bagus, and very helpful.

Itula proses loan application yang memeningkan kepala...Luckily, its over now. Lesson learnt; tak payahla nak tolong kawan ka apa money matters, it is better to go find the resource yourself. Initially when we decided to help our kawan tuh sebab she said they have this sales target kan untuk loan and she never achieved that, tu yang kitorg ingat nak tolong. Tapi tula separuh jalan she passed the case to others and tak explain pulak kat kitorg...hampeh kan...anyway, there is still an amount we need to pay to the developer because of this incident. Hmm...bayaq je la nak buat canakan....huhu   

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadhan Kareem

Salam semua,

Alhamdulillah...dah masuk 9 hari umat Islam menyambut Ramadhan (tapi mommy baru nak start puasa...prrfftt..) Pagi tadi dengar Wardina and Fitri membebel kat MHI pasal perkataan if u want to welcome bulan yang penuh barakah nih, it is better to use the word Ramadhan instead of bulan puasa,posa,poser etc..betulla jugak. Ramadhan maksud dia sangat mendalam, its cover everything from menahan diri not only from makan and minum tapi dari semua nafsu, maklumla perempuan kan nafsu ada 9 =P tapi nafsu membeli nih paling susah nak tahan...hahaha..

Dah lama tak tulis kat sini kan...kadang2 banyak idea tapi bila nak type hilang pulak. Tadi baru dapat tau not-so-good-news, but its ok masih ada option lain. Cuti raya pon belum apply lagi...raya ke-3 dah kena kerja...huuuwaaa....takleh la nak beraya sakan this year. This year turn beraya kat Penang pulak tuh...huhuh...this year pon jarang-jarang balik, balik JB selalu pulak, yela nak selesaikan hal rumah. The not-so-good-news tuh pasal loan rumah la...geram pulak sebab after waiting for almost two months baru tahu loan tak approve for that amount...kalau inform awal sket kan senang...boleh la cari other alternatif. Nih kalo kita yang tak follow-up memang tak tau la bila baru tau loan tuh tak approve..haisy...dugaan bulan Ramadhan kot....sabar..sabar...

Hmm...talking about housing loan, ada tak anyone (bajet blog ramai readers....hehehe...) yang pernah try property kat other state tapi loan buat kat state long it takes to settle everythings?? Sepatutnya boleh je siap in one month plus kot tapi tula loan officer pon plays a major role jugakkan?? Just praying everything will went well...

Tak bestkan tak tengok aksi budak kecik 2 orang tuh..hehe..

 aksi kakak and adik

aksi daddy and kaklong

lagi 2 budak tecik naik kiddie-ride


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How old are you today??

It's my birthday last year in 20's...i didnt have a things-to-do-before-30 list so there's nothing for me to be nervous...i achieved what i want before i even reached 25 because my list is so short, i am easily pleased...haha...boleh gitu?? i am more on day-to-day list now...i am not excited

Alhamdulillah...i am feeling content with my life now and i'm sure this is the best plan that Allah had been planned for me and i would trade for nothing (walaupon semalam ada incident yang disturbed my emotion but nevertheless hubby nows whats best to bring me back to my own-self...)

Anyway, lets share something with u guys ok..something on health because currently me and family is not really in a good shape...i'd copied this from blackmores' site

By the age of about 25 years, the body systems have fully developed and the body should be at its peak. At this age young adults have total control over their health and their future - if they take that control and establish healthy lifestyle practices, they will have gone a long way to ensuring a long and healthy life.
The major health problems in the twenties tend to be a continuation of those started in late adolescence.
In adulthood there are differences in the way that men and women are at risk of disease. Some of the differences are due to biology - women's hormones offer protection against heart disease, for example. Many of the differences are due to behaviour e.g. men are more likely to smoke, to consume excess alcohol and to be obese. Men also tend to be more physically active, spend more time outdoors, take more physical risks and work in more hazardous occupations.
The density of bones continues to increase, and bones become even stronger. After the age of 25, however, muscle bulk and strength start to decline as part of the normal ageing process; the rate of decline can be slowed down by regular exercise. Similarly weight-bearing exercise, such as running, walking, yoga and tai chi, at this age and continuing through the next decades, reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis (and heart disease) in later years.


From the twenties onward, the ability to learn gradually declines - we now know that the brain actually starts to age at this time. Fortunately, however, the brain accumulates life experiences and our intellectual abilities continue to develop. In the twenties optimum intellectual function is important, as many young adults are finishing their tertiary education and starting their career paths in a competitive environment that requires peak mental performance. Cognitive function and short-term memory can be enhanced with herbs such as ginkgo and Siberian ginseng, and the brain nutrients phosphatidylserine, l-glutamine and lecithin.


The twenties are the decade of the party lifestyle, playing hard, late nights and neglect of diet. This combination of factors places a great deal of stress on the liver, the organ that has to deal with toxic overload. The liver detoxifies the effects of drugs and alcohol; the herb milk thistle helps with this detoxification process, as well as helping to repair damaged liver tissue and cells.
Bitter herbs - called "digestive bitters"- stimulate liver activity and the flow of digestive juices and can help prepare the body to cope with partying, as well as acting as a digestive tonic.
The liver breaks down fatty acids in the diet and glycogen which is converted to glucose and provides a source of energy; healthy liver function is vital for maintaining energy levels.


The reproductive system is primed for reproduction in the twenties; many women, however, are choosing to delay having children until they are ready, and elect to pursue careers and other pursuits before settling down
The most popular form of contraception remains the oral contraceptive pill. Supplementation with vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C along with the minerals zinc and magnesium is recommended for women taking "the pill".
Vitamin B6 is also of benefit for women who suffer with some of the emotional symptoms (categorised as PMS-A) of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid which can help with menstrual pain and breast tenderness associated with PMS, as well as some of the emotional symptoms.
Herbs such as black haw and dong quai have a hormone-balancing effect and can help in managing the symptoms of PMS.


The eyes and ears stay in optimum condition during the twenties, if there is no injury or trauma. Persistent exposure to high decibel noise such as at music venues can have long-term effects on hearing. Precautionary measures include the use of ear plugs.


The skin shouldn't show any undue deterioration due to ageing during the twenties. Excessive exposure to the sun, however, can prematurely age the skin if preventive measures are not taken. The best prevention is avoidance of exposure during the hours of maximum ultraviolet radiation- 10am to 2pm - and covering up with appropriate clothing. The safest UV sunscreens are the ones that block (as opposed to absorb) UV radiation - they are based on titanium or zinc oxides.
Vitamin E can reduce the erythema caused by sunburn, and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E can protect against free radical damage caused by exposure of the skin to UV light and environmental pollutants.


Energy needs remain fairly high during the twenties, and men have slightly higher requirements, due mainly to their level of physical activity. Surveys show, however, that men and women are exercising less; not surprisingly, our weight is steadily increasing, with almost one-third of those between the ages of 18 and 34 being either overweight or obese. Adult men seem to increase rapidly in weight after the age of 25 (for women the gain is greater during menopause).
The dynamics of maintaining a healthy weight are very basic - being overweight is the result of an intake of food energy which is larger than the amount of energy expended in everyday activities, including sport.
Food choices for maintaining an ideal weight should centre around:
  •  A diet low in fat, especially saturated fat
  •  Lots of vegetables and fruit
  •  Wholegrain bread and cereals
  •  Moderation in alcohol consumption


Regular health checkups are essential for monitoring growth and development, and for the early detection of disease. Despite the fact that men are, generally, at greater risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, men tend not to seek help until a problem is really evident. Men are actually more likely to die from cancer, heart/respiratory/digestive diseases and from injury, than are women.
There are a number of screening test that can detect early signs of disease;
  •  Weight measurement screens for obesity and for being underweight, a problem prevalent in women in their early 20s
  •  Blood pressure measurement screens for hypertension, a risk factor for heart disease; should be done every 1-2 years
  •  Blood cholesterol should be measured every 5 years from age 18; high cholesterol is another risk factor for heart disease
  •  Women should have a pap smear every 2 years from age 18; the smear of cells from the cervix is screened for signs of cancer of the cervix
Adults should carry out self-examination of the skin, the testes and breasts to look for signs of diseases such as cancer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cameron Highland

Hello friends…eh silap mana ada kawan sebaya saya yang pandai baca lagi…Assalamualaikum aunties…Sebab tunggu mommy update lambat sangat biar saya je tolong updatekan….silap2 nanti kena tukar Mommy’s Journal to Fatiha’s Journal…hehe

Selalu weekend aunties semua buat apa kat rumah? Saya sangat suka bila hujung minggu sebab mommy suka bawak jalan-jalan….jalan-jalan kat luar rumah pon saya dah happy. Tapi minggu lepas lagi best…sebab tokwan, toknani, cikngah, cikanis and cubo ada kat rumah. Kaklong saya pon happy sangat sebab ada cubo yang rajin melayan dia…hehe

Depa ( eh..depa tuh they/them/mereka/diorang in Penang’s slang) sampai hari Rabu malam, sebab dah tak sabar nak jumpa semua orang mommy ajak jemput tokwan and nani kat Kuala Medang. Saya ikut je tak cakap banyak…lepas tuh terus makan satay yang famous tuh Satay Warisan. Takde gamba la pulak…Dah sampai rumah semua orang pon penat terus ZzzzZZ….

Esoknye mommy tak hantaq saya and kaklong pi rumah ummi sebab cubo nak jaga kami…hehehe..yeah rite…tapi depa tak tau lagi perangai saya yang tak suka tidoq siang….haha..jenuh la Nani buat macam-macam nak tidurkan saya. Lepas tuh hari Jumaat, daddy and mommy cuti, plan asal nak lepak je kat rumah. Tiba-tiba daddy ajak pi Cameron Highland pulak sebab satu jam setengah je drive dari Kuala Lipis. So apa lagi mommy cepat-cepat packing...daddy pon dah siap booked hotel. Nasib baik boleh booked lagi despite the last minute. Kami nak try stay dekat Natasya resort. Lagipon cik anis kan tak pernah jalan-jalan CH…bagi can la…hehehe..Sebelum bertolak isi perut dekat Azri Nasi Ayam dulu, kalau tak nanti mommy cranky sebab lapar…haha..mommy jangan marah noo…saya pon cranky jugak bila tak dapat susu mommy.

First stop singgah Boh’s Plantation dulu…penat la nak type aunty semua layan gambar je la eh….

Tapi saya tidoq pulak...mommy pon tak join tour ke kilang teh Boh tuh...

Next stop is Cameron Bharat tea...lepak sambil minum teh
Tengokla mulut mommy saya dengan cikngah tu...sama kan?? hehe
 kaklong pon syok makan kek
Family portrait

Lepas tuh kami singgah kat sini pulak...

Boleh kata semua tempat kat tepi jalan tuh kami singgah sebab Tok Nani nak survey pokok tengok-tengok dulu besok baru shopping...hehe
Tok Nani kata dia nak jadi macam bunga-bunga tuh...

Malam pulak lepas check-in kami makan steamboat dekat tepi hotel De La Fern tuh...mommy lupa pulak apa nama kedai..
Saya tak boleh duduk atas kerusi lagi, so saya jadi VIP duduk atas meja

Lepas makan kenyang, semua orang happy....pastuh terus singgah the famous pasar malam dekat Cameron Highland tuh...saya dah sleepy...ZZzzZZ...terus tido....saya suka bila cikanis buat macam nih...

Saya nak pegang bunga, mommy says NO
Lepas dah jalan-jalan lagi, its time to say goodbye...tengokla kaklong saya sedih nak bye-bye semua orang

Kesian kaklong kan...takpa nanti kita ajak mommy balik Penang eh kaklong...jangan sedih Fatiha kan ada =)

Oh, actuallypulak... ada lagi satu cerita masa balik JB hari tuh....main layang-layang dekat Desaru...bessttt...nanti saya suruh kaklong pulak ceritakan eh...saya dah penat nih...nak main golek-golek dengan mommy bubbye semua!!! 

p/s: mommy tak tau kenapa font jadi kecik...huhu